Amphan Relief

Super Cyclone Amphan became the strongest storm ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal on Monday night, after intensifying with sustained wind speeds of up to 270 kilometres per hour (165 miles per hours). 

The super cyclone ripped through Bengal and caused severe destruction to peoples homes, livelihoods, public property, farmlands and more. The government is still under the process of estimating the loss. 

Adding to the distress is the nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, there are many health protocols which need to be followed to ensure safety. In recent memory, there has been no time so devastating for Bengal!  

That's why we need to pool in resources as responsible citizens to create a network to make sure support is extended. We are working closely with local government bodies and the police in assessing the issues being faced in the locality. 

Latest Updates


Amphan Relief Team is being set up. We are reaching out to friends, families, domestic workers to understand their plight.

23rd May 2020 

Gariahat Rickshaw pullers have been effected. We are conducting a food-ration drive in association with the Kolkata Police. 

SoS - Shriek of Silence a theatre group of Kolkata has offered their space in Ballygunge. 

Group meeting and team meeting are set up to examine the other groups which need help immediately. 


What you can do to help?

As we believe in pro-active leadership we want you to be a part of bringing in the change. No time to wait - Bengal needs you! 


Do you feel you can help the survivors of Super Cyclone Amphan?  


Well, this is the time for you to become a leader. You can plan and execute drives and the Emaho Network will support you throughout. 


For the next 10 days after the cyclone has hit we want to make sure :

  • No one dies of hunger

  • Clothes and basic essentials to homeless

  • Creating community kitchens

  • Shelter and restoration of livelihood

  • Empower citizens to become pro-active leaders and support the local authorities. 

Donate to Emaho Network 

Pay : Avik Sen 

Bank : SBI

Branch : Baroda Park

A/C no : 33742185618


Gpay/Patym/PhonePe : 90517 05225

Current Campaign and Projects 

Hindustan Park, Purbachal Club is setting up a food collection drive. Storeroom has been allocated. 

A few social media influencers have started campaigning. Helping in raising funds and create awareness. 

We carried out a drive for 250 families at Gangapur Village in the eastern fringe of Bono-Shyamnagar island in Sundarbans.

We need to raise awareness of the climate crisis we face.


Every year, cyclones will be coming at us stronger due to global warming.

We believe, together we can rebuild Bengal. It starts with you and me - coming together and initiating CHANGE.

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