Precautions to take for #CycloneAmphan | Strongest cyclone to hit Bengal on Wednesday

Cylone Amphan becomes the strongest cyclone of the Bay of Bengal, stronger than 1999 Super Cyclone.

It evolved from Category 1 to Category 5 cyclone in a short span of 18 hours. An absolute monster gusting to 265 KMPH. It is to weaken once it makes landfall.

Amphan is to make landfall in Bengal tomorrow with a maximum sustained wind speed of 155-165 km per hour, gusting to 185 km per hour.

It is likely to make landfall as a strong storm equivalent to a Category 3 hurricane. The nation-wide lockdown is still imposed adding to the difficulty during this crisis.

Here are a few precautions you can take :

1. Secure the House

Check all your windows in your house and the landing in the staircase. If any window is broken try and cover it by a temporary board.

Keep the terrace door shut. Remove pots on the terrace as they will fall and break. Bulbs from hanging lights and terrace furniture should be removed. Secure open loose wire with electrical tape. Check the common area of your building. Know where the mains are and in case of fire - switch off.

2. Plug-Out

Thunders can cause damage to electricals. Plug out your desktop, AC, television, microwave, laptop, etc, keep the fridge for the last moment of course. Please wrap the plug of the geyser to avoid water-related shock problems.

3. Fill Water

There is a possibility of a power cut. So keep your bottles filled with filtered water. Enough for drinking and cooking.

4. Keep Emergency Lights Handy

Charge your emergency lights, keep a few candles, lanterns or lamps with a matchbox handy.

5. Clean your Fridge

As meat is the first item to start rotting, clean out your fridge. You can fry the meat for longer shelf life. Discard old stale food, to keep the fridge smelling healthy.

6. Organize your Food

Prepare for a power-cut. Keep the food which can be easily cooked accessible. You could also cook food in the morning so that it will last you for the day.

7. Charge phone and power bank

In case of a long power cut, you would like your phone to have a charge. So keep your batteries full and use it wisely. Especially if you have elderly parents or grandparents always have charge to make an emergency call.

Please save these numbers on your phone now, do not rely on the internet during the Super Cyclone.

8. Check on your vehicle

Try to park your car or two-wheeler in the shade. Cover your vehicle securely. The loose covers will fly off. In case you come back to see a pole or wires have fallen on the vehicle - DO NOT TOUCH! There is a possibility that the wire still holds electricity and damp surfaces can conduct a powerful shock.

9. Check on your Neighbours

Just check up on your neighbours, remind them to unplug, fill water and be prepared.

10. Help the strays

If dogs are looking for shelter be kind and let them take shelter in your building complex. Do not worry, they will go once the storm clears out. You could add a little bowl of water and biscuits for the dogs.

You can track the cyclone live at

Be safe! Remember, we are stronger together.

Please share this article with your family and friends so that they can take precautions immediately.

This article was written by Roshni Ali

She is a film-maker, writer and an environmentalist. She is also a founding member of Emaho Network.

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