What is Love if not her?

As I write this, I feel privileged that I have her. Not many are lucky. And not many are lucky enough to have known her love. In the words of Kahlil Gibran, “The most beautiful word on the lips of mankind is the word “Mother,” and the most beautiful call is the call of “My mother.

As the world celebrates Mother's Day, tomorrow, amidst the lockdown and clutches of Covid-19, let me trace you to the world of a mother in Kenya whose actions recently shook the world. In order to console her children and put them to sleep as they cry out of hunger, this mother boiled stones in a pot to ensure that the sound of crackling stones comforts the children that the mother is indeed cooking something and they would wake up to food in front of them. It breaks my heart to be a part of a world where still, despite all the wrongs and odds, sweat and tears, domestic violence and tortures, mothers are still going strong, holding everyone together when everything else is falling apart.

Another woman in India, throws her children into the Ganges because she fails to find a way to feed them or give them a healthy childhood. It isn't easy to be a mother, and definitely not easy when one has to fight two battles simultaneously- one with herself, and her identity of being an individual and not just someone's mother, and the second one, with the world which constantly tries to throttle her voice and subdue her below the weight of patriarchy.

As we celebrate Mother's Day, let's not confine ourselves within the periphery of consanguine relationships but mothers across the globe, the mother of a pigeon that tries to feed her child fighting an eagle, or mother Nature that is still giving us an opportunity to mend our ways.

Let us remember that we are all dream children of our mothers and it is of our utmost duty to take care of her. As Gibran sums up, "Long ago you were a dream in your mother's sleep, and then she awoke to give you birth." Let us not let her down once again.

Written by Ankita Manna

Teacher, scribbler and a researcher who enjoys the company of strangers and hear their stories. Her area of studies include narratives from Kashmir, particularly that of women and children. She wants to dwell more on Body as performative of language and the LGBTQA.

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