How does Yoga help release stress?

Updated: May 8, 2020

Isn't yoga about the ridiculous body contortions? It's something which only aspiring gymnasts do!

That isn't true. Yoga is an art of holistic living that has been studied and perfected for thousands of years.

We commonly tell our friends of being "lost in thought" or "can't seem to think straight". We acknowledge a level of functioning above that of the mind which can observe the mind. We often think of our bodies as something we use. But we seldom face the logical conclusion that our minds are also "used" by us. Stress has physical manifestations in the body. There are a wide range of hormones that are triggered by stress which is harmful to the body.

Are your fingers tired from all that office typing?

Or did the new pillow give you a stiff neck?

Maybe you got tired after climbing just one flight of stairs?

Or just maybe your lower back is terribly stiff as you have not gotten off your chair all day?

Hatha yoga is a branch of yoga that includes a series of postures to stretch and strengthen each of the muscles and tendons that may have become shortened or contacted due to mental tension and faulty posture. Just being aware of your errors is not enough, but working to strengthen it is vital.

But, how does it really matter if my posture is bad?
Tree Pose : Improves alignment and balance

Having a good posture is a sign of good health. There are doctors and gurus who can point out ailments just looking at posture. A strong spine and a sturdy frame is the key to good posture. The spine is attached to thousands of nerves throughout the body. Yoga boosts bloody circulation and enlivens the nerves.

How do I start Yoga with no knowledge ?

Firstly take the initiative to exercise. Keep a time allotted and your phone off. Begin with basic stretching. It is likely that the idea of giving up will come every few minutes, but you need to pull through.

Start with Rotations: head, shoulder, arms, wrist, hips, knees, and ankles.

Followed by 10 Suryanamaskars.

The benefits of Suryanamaskar are endless, but here listing a few.

  • Help lose weight.

  • Glowing skin.

  • Better digestive system.

  • Ensures regular menstrual cycle.

  • Brings down blood sugar level.

  • Improves anxiety.

  • It helps your body detox.

  • Battles insomnia.

After your yoga session, spend a few moments in silence with your eyes close and observe the body. Take deep breaths and tell yourself you are "healed and aligned".

Do remember, you are more than your mind. You are mind, body, and spirit. I can assure you a week of yoga, you will be able to manage stress more efficiently. Also, if you experience body ache after your first or second class - DO NOT STOP! That pain is a sign of improvement!

Written by Roshni Ali

Wellness Coach

Recommended Meditation App: Headspace

If you would like to sign up for daily yoga sessions, then Mystic Yoga is offering classes on Zoom.

In case you cannot afford classes but would like guidance on planning your Yoga routine, you can get in touch with us for Free fitness routine catered to your needs or email us at emaho.network@gmail.com

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